The Journey Begins…

For the next four months I’m going to be studying as an exchange student at Kyoto Seika University. Coming from Australia with little knowledge of the Japanese language is going to be difficult enough, but this will also be my first time living independently of my parents. It is going to be quite an adventure, with many challenges to tackle along the way. Hopefully my experiences will help others looking to travel here or participate exchange to this wonderful and wacky country…

Ready to explore Kyoto!

Ready to explore Kyoto!

I’ve only been here 4 nights and already it’s beginning to feel like home. There are heaps of other foreign students here and so far they’ve all been lovely. I’ve already met a couple of my classmates in the printmaking department at the university, and even though their English wasn’t great, they tried their absolute best to help me out and get to know me. I hope everyone will be like this when I start classes next week!

Fellow exchange student Emma. She's from the UK.

Fellow exchange student Emma. She’s from the UK.

In the meantime I’ve been exploring my local area with the other exchange girls from my dorm. We’re staying in Iwakura, in the Northern region of Kyoto. It’s a very scenic place, with cherry blossoms and bamboo groves everywhere. Actually there’s a mountain out the back of the dorm building and a path that leads through the forrest to the university. It’s absolutely beautiful! And apparently there are monkeys!

The river near my dorm

The river near my dorm

I’m still trying to settle in properly at the moment, but when I do I’ll try to blog more.
And if there’s anything you’d like to know about Kyoto, Japan, going on exchange, etc… Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll help if I can!


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